Pacific Crest Trail

Day 2: mile 11.4 to Lake Morena

Today was a weird day. I woke up at 5:30, and only got a little bit of sleep. I was tossing & turning a lot, going in between hot & cold. The wind was pretty bad, but my tent held up! Thank god! I packed all of my things up & got ready, which took about 1 hour.


No one that I camped with was ready to go, so I left by myself. It was really nice walking in the morning. I didn’t see another hiker for about 1 hour. I did see so many more bunnies though! They are so cute and I had no idea they would be around here. I got most of my hiking done by 10:45. The climb out of Hauser creek wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, but it still is a pretty big climb. I couldn’t imagine doing it at the end of the day pushing to lake morena. I’m happy I saved it for morning.


I was really in my head again today. I think hiking alone does that to me. I was second guessing myself a lot: why am I out here? Is this fun? I’m still waiting to have that “wow” moment. I was still feeling really homesick again today too. Pretty much just like starting college again except less people to socialize with out here. Maybe I need to listen to music/ podcasts already? I’m fine when I’m with other people but once I’m alone or start thinking of home too much I get all anxious and think about quitting already. I know I need to give myself at least 2 weeks to even think about making a big decision like that though. My stomach is also intermittently hurting, but it also coincides with feeling homesick, so idk.


I was also second guessing my decision to not push further than lake morena. I got to the campground at around 12, and thought that was way too early. But I knew I should take it slower so I don’t push myself too hard too fast. After eating a burger at the store down the street I felt much better about my decision to stay and not go further. And I felt even better once I got my tent all set up and took a shower in the campground & washed my clothes (with enough daylight left for them to dry).


Now I’m just laying around waiting for the rest of my clothes to dry and waiting until I’m hungry enough to eat dinner. I’ll start organizing my food for tomorrow and look at maps to decide where I should try to camp. Hopefully I get some more sleep tonight.

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