Pacific Crest Trail

​Day 1: Southern Terminus to mile 11.4

It was so surreal getting to the monument this morning. I was happy because we got there after the Scout & Frodo drop off and I had the whole monument to myself for a few minutes!


It was hard saying goodbye to Mom & Dad. I didn’t cry right away, but after I saw the van drive by me along the trail & I waved goodbye one more time I started crying. I already miss them (and I’m trying not to tear up while writing this in my tent). I also saw a bunny on the trail shortly after mile 1 and it made me cry again because of my mom!


Once I got going though, the trail was great! Fairly easy terrain to begin with and the desert was blooming! So many yucca with big beautiful blooms. I was lucky because it wasn’t too hot. In the 60s with a breeze.


I hiked with so many people today, with first timers and people who have thru-hiked the AT and CDT. And with people from all over the country (and 2 from Israel). Overall it was a good day. Just really exciting to be on the trail, beautiful desert views with tons of rocks & greenery & plants.


I had my first cold soaked meal and it was good: homemade dehydrated “bean bark” with black beans, salsa, and rice. It was actually pretty warm as it had been baking in my pack during the afternoon.


I also went poop outside already, and now I’m in my tent praying it doesn’t collapse on me as I sleep since it’s pretty windy. Planning on an early wake-up tomorrow to tackle the climb out of Hauser before it gets too hot (it’s a notoriously difficult climb, especially mid-day).