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Wonderland Trail Pack List

I’m looking forward to testing some brand new gear on this trip, and continuing to use some newer gear as well. There’s no better place to try out new gear than actually on trail! For a late July Wonderland hike, I have hopes of good weather, but Mt. Rainier is notorious for being moody, so we’ll see how it goes. I won’t mind if it rains a little - that just means I’ll get to test my new rain wrap! So here’s a more detailed list of gear I’m bringing and my thoughts behind it. If you just want the quick and dirty, click on the LighterPack link below.

LighterPack link to gear list.

Note: This page contains affiliate links. If you choose to purchase with this link, I will earn a small commission, so thank you! I stand behind all of the gear I use, and don’t give gear recommendations lightly.



  • Gossamer Gear Camo Kumo 36

    • With hip belt, Airflow Sit Light Pad, lined w/ nylofume

    • I’m excited to try this out! Gossamer Gear provided me the pack and sit pad for this journey, and since I’m trying to go pretty light on this hike, I thought the Kumo would be great! It’ll be my first longer hike with a frameless pack, and I’ll be starting off with ~15 lbs after food and water. It will be a good experiment!

Sleep System

  • Enlightened Equipment Enigma 10* Quilt

  • Sea to Summit Aeros UL regular pillow

  • Therm-a-Rest NeoAir Uberlite

    • This is the item I’m most anxious about testing. I’ve heard of many failures of this new, incredibly light pad, but I have ~5 nights on it so far with no issues. We’ll see how it does on this hike!


  • Big Agnes Tiger Wall 3 Platinum

    • This is a new addition to my kit, bought specifically for when I’ll be sharing a tent with another person, which I will be doing on this hike. I have a few car camping nights in it so far, but not backpacking. It’s so light for a three person tent, and I think it will do great on the trail.

Cook Set

  • Talenti Jar

  • GSI plastic spoon

  • Zpacks Food Bag

    • Mt. Rainier has bear poles at every campsite, so no need to carry a bear canister or a hanging kit on this hike!


  • Sawyer Micro Squeeze

    • I’m trying out Sawyer’s newest filter for this hike instead of the classic Squeeze. I’m interested in the flow rate specifically. I think this could be a great filter for hikes in places where I know the water quality is clear and not murky.

  • Sawyer 32 oz filter bag

    • The newer, lighter version. We’ll see how durable it is!

  • Smartwater 1 L bottle w/ sport cap

Clothing Worn

  • Top: Mountain Hardware Crater Lake Hoody

    • This is the piece of clothing I’m probably the most excited about. I’ve been searching for a while to find a good, breathable hiking top with a hood. The Patagonia ones just either haven’t fit right or are too muggy. This one has been great on day hikes so far!

  • Bottoms: Patagonia Strider Shorts

  • Bra: Patagonia Active Mesh (old version)

  • Underwear: Icebreaker Siren Bikini (merino wool)

  • Socks: Injinji Trail

  • Shoes: Altra Lone Peak 4.0

  • Sunglasses: Ray Ban, non-polarized

  • Hat: Kavu Strapcap

Clothing Packed

  • Insulating Layer: Mountain Hardware Ghost Whisperer Hoody

  • Rain Shell: Outdoor Research Helium II

  • Wind Pants: Enlightened Equipment Copperfield

    • Excited for these. I wore them on my Yosemite trip and they were great. Definitely want to put some more miles on them though to see if they’re more or less durable than the Montbell ones I shredded on the PCT.

  • Rain Shell Bottoms: Enlightened Equipment Rain Wrap

    • Looking forward to trying a kilt out if it rains! Its great because I can either wear it just over my shorts for ventilation, or if it is a little chilly, over the wind pants!

  • Baselayers: Patagonia Lightweight Capilene Long Sleeve Top & Bottoms

  • Extra Socks: Injinji Trail

  • “Extras”: Montbell UL Rain Mitts, Montbell Zeo-Line LW Balaclava

Bathroom/ Hygiene

  • Deuce of Spades Trowel & TP

    • I’ve heard that I won’t need the trowel since there are pit toilets at all of the campsites, but I don’t like to risk the emergency situation.

  • Kula Cloth

    • A beautiful, UL pee cloth! Highly recommend for all of my fellow backpacking ladies. Excited to use it on an extended trip.

  • Hand Sanitizer

  • Sun Bum Lip balm SPF 30

  • Sun Bum small stick sunscreen SPF 30

  • Body Glide pink, small

  • Toothbrush + travel toothpaste

  • Eyedrops

  • Vagisil for chafe healing

  • Body Wipes (dried)

Safety/ Repair

  • Garmin inReach Mini

    • New toy. Will be interesting to see how battery life compares to the full sized inReach.

  • Knife: smallest Swiss Army

  • First Aid Kit:

    • Leukotape (on poles), ibuprofen, benadryl, immodium, alcohol swab, square of gauze, 1 band aid, neosporin, personal rx meds, lighter, needle, safety pin

  • Repair Kit:

    • Therm-a-rest patch, gear tape, duct tape (on poles)

  • Maps: Digital, Guthooks on phone

    • Trail is well-marked


  • Power Bank: Anker 10000 PD

    • My first time using this small of a battery pack! I’m hoping I’ll be less reliant on my phone for entertainment and navigation, so using less battery! I also never ran out of charge on the 20,000 version on the PCT, so wanted something lighter and smaller.

  • Headlamp: Nitecore NU25

    • Been so impressed with this headlamp so far.

  • Phone: iPhone XS

  • Cords: micro USB, iPhone cable

  • Zpacks small dry bag

  • Camera: Sony a6000 w/ 24-105 f/4 lens

    • So excited to take high quality photos on this trip. This new lens was an investment and I can’t wait to see the crisp pics!

  • Peak Design v3 Capture Clip

    • Smaller profile than the v2. So far it has been a vast improvement.


  • Wallet

  • Bug net for face

  • Trekking Poles: Black Diamond Alpine Carbon Cork

All of this puts my base weight right around 9 lbs (sharing the tent and not including camera gear). My camera gear adds about 2.5 more lbs! One of the reasons that I have ultralight gear though is so I can bring a big camera and take beautiful pictures to look back on. So I say it’s worth it!