Pacific Crest Trail

Day 138: Cascade Locks/ Hood River Zero

8.31.18. 0 miles.

I woke up relatively early for how late I went to bed last night, and went over to Bridgeside to eat breakfast. After that, I went back to my room and started putting my resupply boxes together. I was getting through them fine until I realized I had bought too much food. I had forgot that I wasn’t going to send something to Stevens Pass bc they only do UPS/ Fedex delivery and those stores did not exist in Cascade Locks. So, on another whim, I decided that the extra food was too valuable to not send it along, and decided to go to Hood River to send a box via UPS. While I was there, I figured I’d buy some more food to make the box to Stevens worth it, so I went to the store, then UPS to send my box. I had to take the same shuttle to Hood River as I did Portland, but Hood River was closer. The town was very charming, and they had a nice $1 shuttle bus that made it easy for me to get around. I only had time to go to the store and UPS, then I was back in the shuttle to Cascade Locks. Before going back to my hotel, I grabbed a burger, fries, and the largest soft serve cone in the world.


I was thoroughly tired from my busy two days when I got back, that I just crawled into bed in my room, and watched tv and relaxed. Eventually, I ventured over next door to grab dinner to bring back to my room, and I ran into Easy Company, Queso, Reverse Pigeon, and Kool Aid. I chatted with them for a bit, but I was so foggy and tired I really couldn’t hold a conversation for long, and bid them good night (it was 5 pm) and walked back to my room. I ate a little while later while watching Impractical Jokers, called my mom & Allison, and fell asleep.

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