Pacific Crest Trail

Day 155: Steven’s Pass to mile 2482.5

9.17.18. 18.3 miles.


As usual when I’m in town and have cell service & internet access, I stay up way too late. Thankfully there weren’t any hard core snorers in my bunk room, but I still didn’t sleep the best. I’d get too hot then cold. At 7, I decided to get up, and start quietly moving my things into the landing to begin packing. I changed into my hiking clothes and went downstairs to check on the progress of my drying clothes. Everything was good except for the socks. I moved them to a hanger right in front of the fan, with hopes they’d dry before I left. At 7:30, it was breakfast time. The volunteers made us hash browns, eggs, pancakes, and cut up fruit! Great breakfast. After eating, I loitered around, using internet, checking the latest weather forecasts, and getting the rest of my things together. I called my mom and dad, and then walked back to the trail.


The first 3 miles we’re so cruisey! Flat and sort of downhill, I flew down the trail. After that, the climb began, which wasn’t too bad of a climb- much easier than leaving Snoqualmie Pass, but I had much more food, so my pack was just so heavy, making the climb worse. There were lots of day hikers out, including two older men who were really excited to chat with thru-hikers, and a group of older women, who were also extremely excited to talk to a thru-hiker. One of the ladies had a little notebook that she wrote in of all the PCT hikers she’s met while on her day hikes, and asked for my name and start date. They were really cute and cheered me on to Canada!

My favorite lunch

My favorite lunch


The trail went downhill for a ways before beginning to climb up again. I stopped at a creek to get water, then proceeded to my lunch spot near Lake Janus. I packed my favorite lunch for this stretch: PB&J bagels. It’s really filling. After lunch, the trail continued climbing, all the way up to Grizzly Peak, where I had my first views of Glacier Peak! I savored them, not knowing if I’ll see the volcano again because of the turbulent weather. After the long climb, it was downhill for a couple of miles, and a little more uphill to Pear Lake, where I’ve set up camp for the night. Tomorrow is going to be an early morning as I’m trying to hike a big day. These next few days are going to be very long since the Bannock Lakes Fire detour through Holden Village complicates things a bit as there’s only one shuttle & ferry per day to Stehekin from there, so I need to be there by 10:30 am the day I want to go to Stehekin (the 21st) or the night before. Preferably, I’d get there the night before. But we’ll see!

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