Pacific Crest Trail

Day 112: mile 1610.4 to mile 1641.7

8.5.18. 31.3 miles.

Today was a very long way with a ton of climbing and descending. As has been the usual nowadays, I snoozed my 5:00 alarm and semi-slept for another 25 min before getting up, this time bc people in my campsite were moving around. The couple together clearly don’t know how to whisper as they were talking in almost full volume at 5:30 am. Not the most considerate, but it was keeping me awake. I got ready pretty quickly, despite how cold it was. In the middle of the night I needed to fasten the buttons and cinch the top down on my quilt to keep more warmth in. It was chilly! I even hiked out with my rain jacket and pants on. There was mainly climbing in the morning, so they came off fairly quickly, but there was still a cool breeze.

all of those orange trees are dead trees

all of those orange trees are dead trees

After some ups and downs, the real climb started and it was pretty steep. Annoyingly, I heard some very loud music coming from behind/ below me, that honestly sounded like nails on a chalkboard. It was the couple and another hiker that were at the same camp as me. I can’t stand when people blast their music out loud in the wilderness, and I really hated what they had on, so I had to wait at the top of the climb for them to hurry up and pass me. I asked while they passed to put headphones in, and the man seemed confused. He didn’t attempt to stop or turn down the volume as they passed, even though they saw me at the top of the climb. He’s either uneducated or an asshole. I explained that it’s really disturbing to hear such loud music, and I could hear it for 30 minutes before I stopped and they passed me, that’s how loud they had it. I can’t believe that in 1,600 miles, no one has asked him to put headphones in. I later passed the group while they took a break and heard them talking about it. I didn’t hear music out loud during the times we leapfrogged each other.


There was some more steep climbing and then I stopped for lunch. It was actually pretty chilly in the shade, so I put my puffy on to keep at a normal temp. I rested for about 1.5 hours and then got up to keep going. There was one more small climb for the day, then it was practically all downhill to Seiad Valley. I didn’t get to camp until 8:30 though, even as I was rushing down the mountain. I really don’t like getting into camp past 7:30-8 bc I still have to eat dinner and get all my things set up, and I don’t end up going to sleep until later than usual.


The afternoon seemed to pass pretty quickly, though this downhill definitely goes on forever. I’m happy that it’ll be broken up for me and I don’t have to do it all at once. My body felt pretty good despite the prolonged day, but my left knee is twinging sometimes, as is my lower back.


I only have 14ish miles to walk into Seiad Valley tomorrow, and I need to get there before 2, when the café closes. Shouldn’t be too hard. I am also planning on spending the night there tomorrow as I don’t have to be in Ashland until Thursday evening, and the climb out of Seiad is definitely better left for the morning for me, especially since the climb will be in the shade at that time too.

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