Pacific Crest Trail

Day 111: Etna to mile 1610.4

8.4.18. 10.7 miles.

I woke up this morning again around 7 am, but I went to bed much earlier last night. I laid in bed for a couple hours being on my phone before starting to get ready. I organized my resupply and packed my bag, took a last shower, got changed, and then headed downstairs. One of the cleaning women for the house came in, and she told me there was no rush to leave at 11, and I was more than welcome to hang out in the common room and watch tv as long as I was out of my room. Perfect! I drank the Powerade I bought from the store and watched some more Friends. At 12, I decided to leave to get lunch back at Bob’s, and got a burger with sweet potato fries and a strawberry milkshake with big chunks of strawberries in it. So good!


Then I walked to the edge of town to get a hitch back to the trail. I only had to wait about 10 min before a man and his son came up in a pickup and offered a ride back. They were incredibly nice, and I found out they are native and were on their way to a tribal ceremony. I got to learn a lot about water rights in the area, obviously, policy is not very friendly to Native Americans, or a lot of NorCal in general, especially in terms of water policy. It was really nice talking to them. It didn’t take long to get back to the trail, and soon I was back hiking again, at 2:30.

Entering yet another wilderness area

Entering yet another wilderness area

I immediately hit the 1,600 mile mark, which is crazy! The border is at 1,691! It’s getting so close! I had a pretty hard time getting going today, and that seemed to be a theme with all the hikers I ran into on trail, many more than the last stretch to Etna! We were all pretty sluggish. I climbed for most of the afternoon, and really only intended on going 10 miles, but it took longer than usual. I listened to Harry Potter on audiobook for the whole time. Almost done with book 2! I do need to finish bc I’m “borrowing” book 3 from the library via the app Libby, and I need to return it in 13 days, so I need to finish!


I finally got to the campsite I wanted and there were many people here! It’s nice to camp with people again and meet new hikers. Based on what everyone is talking about for tomorrow, we’ll all probably be camped in the same area again and be leap frogging each other all day.

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