Pacific Crest Trail

Day 110: Etna Zero

8.3.18. 0 miles.

I went to bed super late last night and didn’t really sleep in that much today. At 7 am I was up and couldn’t sleep any longer. I took my time organizing my day, and then got ready to leave. I was pretty hungry, so first went to a small cafe to get coffee and a pastry. It was super cute inside and so good!

Next I went to do laundry. It was a pretty far walk and it was getting warm already. The laundry was weird here. Not coin-operated, and you needed to buy a card. Thankfully, a few locals were also there, and gave me an empty card to use, AND also gave me a tide pod, so I didn’t have to put too much on the card! So sweet of people. Laundry took about an hour, and after that was done, I went to the dollar store to buy most of my resupply. It was surprisingly well stocked, but obvious that lots of hikers have come through since there were only a few knorr sides and Idahoan potatoes left.

I was getting hungry again, so went to Bob’s for brunch and got a small but satisfying breakfast. Afterwards, I walked back to the hotel, dropped off the resupply and laundry, then went across the street to the grocery store to get what I couldn’t find at the dollar store. It was frustrating bc they had been wiped out of bars, which is what I desperately needed. Hopefully Seiad Valley will have some and I can buy enough to get to Ashland. After that, I went back to the hotel and watched Friends on Netflix on the tv in the common room.

Around 4 I decided I’d get an early dinner, and wanted to try out the trendy restaurant that had a happy hour until 5. I sat at the bar and ordered garlic truffle fries and a grilled peach pizza. Another hiker named Downdog came in and sat next to me, and it was so nice to talk to her! We chatted about life and the trail and all kinds of things. She was great, and it was nice to have some hiker-human interaction since I’ve been kind of deprived of it recently. We sat there for a long time, eating and talking, and I ended up ordering dessert too. Everything was so tasty!

I walked back to the hotel through the Main Street where there was some sort of festival happening. This place has felt like a ghost town the whole time I’ve been here, but suddenly there were hundreds of people! I didn’t want to stay for the festivities bc I was tired, so I went back, called my mom & Dad, and watched more Friends on Netflix. I’m not leaving until later in the afternoon tomorrow, so I still have time to relax and eat more food before hitting the trail again.

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