Pacific Crest Trail

Day 128: mile 1957.2 to mile 1984.2

8.21.18. 27 miles.

Today did not start out that great. It ended up being incredibly windy last night, and before I woke up, my tent actually collapsed since I didn’t really stake it out & reinforce it the best for wind. So at 5:00, when a huge gust toppled it, I decided to just get ready. I was ready in 25 min, breaking my record.


It stayed windy pretty much all day, but was the worst in the morning, mostly bc it was cold as well. I didn’t know what to expect today, but WOW was the scenery amazing! My first views in the morning were of South Sister. There was a lot of smoke in the sky, but also amazing lenticular clouds draping over the top of the mountain. And the sunrise colors were still in the sky.


After running into Easy Company (a fellow norovirus companion) at a water source, the trail rollercoastered through forest and alpine meadows. I got views of Middle Sister, which were more hazy. I took lunch at noon by the Obsidian Falls, aptly named bc of all the obsidian rock nearby.


After lunch there were some more steep climbs, and this time, mostly on feet grinding lava rock. I felt like I was moving backwards most of the time, and the sun was beating down, though the wind kept things cooler. My feet were killing me, and the lava rock just slows me down so much bc I’m being so careful with each step, not to misstep and twist an ankle.


Later in the afternoon during my descent I took a break by the last on trail water source for a while, and filled up enough to get me to Big Lake Youth Camp, my next resupply point. I’ll be getting there sometime tomorrow, around lunchtime, and think I’ll stay the whole day.

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