Pacific Crest Trail

Day 127: mile 1927.5 to mile 1957.2

8.20.18. 29.7 miles.

Today was relatively uneventful. I woke up this morning smelling smoke, so I guessed the winds changed over night and brought the smoke in.


The day was mostly pretty easy, gradual terrain. I entered the Three Sisters Wilderness, I walked in the forest mostly, and there were beautiful lakes every so often. I lost count of how many I passed!

These birds were trying to gang up on me at lunch

These birds were trying to gang up on me at lunch


I didn’t see too many people today either. A hiker I’ve kind of been leapfrogging with since crater lake got shin splints yesterday. I chatted with him as he packed up his tent while I was filtering water and he was thinking about just getting to Elk Lake and trying to get to Bend so he could rest. I also had a very long conversation with a backcountry ranger who hiked the PCT in 2016. His name is Droplet. 

I had one big climb for the day, at the very end of my day. There were campsites up on a ridge with apparently very amazing views, however, there are none bc of all the smoke. After I set up my tent, sooo many NOBOs were walking through. By listening to some of their conversations, it seems like a lot of people got off at Elk Lake to get to Trail days and are now getting back on to resume their hikes, so maybe there will be some more hikers.

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