Pacific Crest Trail

Day 126: Shelter Cove to mile 1927.5

8.19.18. 21.3 miles.

I slept in until 6 this morning since the resort didn’t start taking breakfast orders until 7. I was ready to go by 6:30, and walked back to the resort from our stealth spot. I used the very nice warm bathrooms and plugged my things in to charge. The WiFi was working better this morning since no one was up using it yet. At 7, I ordered a breakfast burrito and a latte, and they were both delicious. A couple hikers rolled in first thing. A NOBO and a SOBO. We sat and talked for a bit while I waited for Excel to come over & my things to finish charging. I organized my snacks for the day, brushed & flossed my teeth again, chatted a little more, and then finally left a little after 9.


I didn’t make it far after getting back on the PCT when I noticed a beautiful view of Odell Lake, where the resort was located, from the ridge, and I also had cell signal, so I called my mom to coordinate some box stuff that I wasn’t able to do down at the resort bc the WiFi was so bad.


I finally really got started hiking again a little before 11. My goals for the day were rapidly dwindling.


I started the first big climb of the day and saw many day hikers and overnight backpackers, including this group of young girls with their dads, just coming back from an overnight trip. They all looked very happy and the dads were beaming. So cute & so nice to see. Once I got to Rosary Lakes, I could see why they were so happy. These lakes were gorgeous, and I was bummed I couldn’t stay the night there! I did take a water filtering break, and needed to carry a decent amount to the next source. I finished the climb, passing a few weekenders, and then ate lunch at the maiden shelter. It was nice and cool inside, and I talked with a section hiker who is out for the week. He is a ranger at silver falls state park, a place I’ve been in Oregon!


After lunch, I descended some more, but then had another moderate climb. These climbs really haven’t been that bad bc they’ve been pretty gradual, and mostly in the trees. Around 6:45 I reach Charlton Lake, a very tempting place to camp, but instead I filtered water and moved on, opting to do a couple more miles and camp at the spot 2.5 miles from the lake. I got to camp right at 8, and quickly set up all my things, ate dinner, and went to bed.

sun setting in a burn zone

sun setting in a burn zone

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