Pacific Crest Trail

Day 118: Medford/ Ashland Zero

8.11.18. 0 miles.

I woke up slightly earlier today, and went to the hotel breakfast with Mom. It wasn’t that great. We had some more errands to run, so we all got ready and went to Walmart to find some more resupply food. I got the rest of my candy and some different flavored rice sides to swap out. Once we got back to the van, I added these things to my boxes, and we went first to the UPS store to mail 2 of the boxes. Then, we went to the post office to mail the rest.

Mom & I went to Indian food in Ashland for lunch, then we went back to the hotel to relax and for me to do the rest of my chores, and take another shower. We all went to Italian food for dinner, then back to the room to relax. My mom and I did a face mask we bought from TJs, and my mom gave me a foot massage. She’s the best! I’m going to bed later than I want. We’re getting started early tomorrow bc I want to get hiking early and my parents want to get on the road early!

Emily SchrickComment