Pacific Crest Trail

Day 117: Medford/ Ashland Zero

8.10.18. 0 miles.

Today was chore day! I slept in until 8 and then my mom and I went to the famed breakfast spot in Ashland, Morning Glory. I got the lemon ricotta French toast and it was truly amazing. So, so yummy and so much food!


We went back to the hotel to pick up dad and Riley, and then went resupply shopping. Since I’m not really going to towns in Oregon bc the trail is pretty remote and only goes by small lake resorts, I’m buying all of my food for Oregon and sending it ahead to the stops. We went to Trader Joe’s for the majority of snacks, which is nice bc it will mix things up for me! I love TJs. Next, an REI stop to see if I could buy my last pair of shoes to send ahead to Washington (wanted to take advantage of no sales tax!), but they didn’t have any in my size. I got some repair tape for the mouse-chewed holes in my tent mesh (they didn’t have any mesh repair... this store really wasn’t that great), and some gu and honey stingers and nuun tabs. We also went to Safeway to buy some more resupply but I wanted more variety in candy, so we’ll have to do more shopping tmrrw.

I was getting pretty exhausted and hot and cranky, so we went back to the hotel with the beautiful AC, and relaxed until dinner time. We went to a delicious tapas restaurant in Ashland. I love eating out with the parents. I didn’t have to eat typical town hiker food (aka burgers).

I was exhausted from the day, and fell asleep shortly after getting back to the hotel.

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