Pacific Crest Trail

Day 114: Seiad Valley to mile 1676.2

8.7.18. 20.3 miles.

I slept in this morning until 6:15 since I wanted to eat breakfast at the cafe before hiking out. I woke up a littler earlier just bc I needed to use the bathroom, but snuggled in my quilt for a little bit after that, using WiFi. I got all ready to go and was ready right when the cafe opened at 7 for breakfast. I got my order in right away and got my food super quick. Muffin Man joined me for breakfast and we chatted about the joys of Harry Potter and the State of Jefferson.


At 8, I headed out, and started with an almost 1 mile road walk to finally get back on the trail PCT. This is where the dreaded climb began. It was definitely very steep and terrible in some places, but I just kept plodding along, trying to just put one foot in front of the other and keep moving. I knew the climb was going to suck, so I allowed myself to listen to HP right away. I have to say, California is making it so easy, yet so hard to leave. The climb was not only hard, but incredibly uninspiring. Pretty ugly woods with debris and burns and chaparral and lots of poison oak, and no views, because of the heavy smoke. The only redeeming factor was that it wasn’t too hot.


I took a short break at a water source, which is where the climb started getting a little gentler and a little less steep. I took my short lunch break in a very uncomfortable spot on a slope right next to the trail in the shade. There were 2 bees that wouldn’t leave me alone. The next few miles were up and down, and then I got to another water source where a ton a lot hikers took a break and chatted. I was there for about an hour, not leaving until 5:15 to do another 5.5 miles and 1,800 ft of gain to camp. Everyone was super exhausted and the sentiment was of just wanting to get to Oregon.

The rest of the day wasn’t so bad, but the last climb kind of sucked just bc I was pretty tired. Thank goodness I got a campsite where I wanted bc there were a decent amount of people all wanting to go there, and there aren’t any others close by.


Tomorrow I will cross the border into Oregon! I’m only 15.5 miles from it right now, seems like a good mileage for my lunch break!

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