Pacific Crest Trail

Day 82: Lake of the Pines Triple Zero

7.6.18. 0 miles.

A day of fully relaxing, finally!

The Iowa family and my grandparents left this morning, so we said our goodbyes, and then went to Starbucks to get breakfast. Once we got back, we all pretty much laid on the sofa for the majority of the day. We watched the most recent Bachelorette episode, and then the Princess Diaries since it was on Netflix and a total blast from the past. Katy’s parents were up at the lake with their family, and they stopped by for a little bit to say hi and talk about the trail.

After more laying, we figured we should get up and get some dinner, so the fam went out to Thai food in old town. We picked up the movie Coco on our way home since Dad and Allison hadn’t seen it yet, and watched that after dinner. I was pretty exhausted from not doing anything all day, and fell asleep on the sofa after the movie and just slept there for the night. Back to the trail tomorrow, where I’ll be meeting back up with Hot Mess & Butters!

Emily SchrickComment