Pacific Crest Trail

Day 81: Lake of the Pines Double Zero

7.5.18. 0 miles.

Today was errand day! My mom and I were finally able to get out of the house at 10:30 after more family arrived and we chatted with them for a bit. First stop was driving to Roseville for REI. I needed to return shoes that I knew weren’t going to work, and exchange the pair I’d been wearing since Mammoth Lakes: they were too big and I kept tripping over everything. I also needed to buy some bug spray and permethrin to re-treat my clothes. I also got some new shorts that are more sweat-wicking than my old ones. After the long REI trip, we went to the mall to try to get my Poké fix. The Poké was ok, nothing like Pokeatery back at home.

On our way back home, we went to Safeway to do resupply. I’m going to be packing food from here until Belden, which is going to be about 6 days, and resupplying for a box that I’m sending to Burney Mountain Guest Ranch. We stopped by the post office on the way home to pick up a box, then once we got home, I emptied everything out and packed my resupplies up in their respective containers. I also ate a full Talenti since I’m going back to cold soaking and needed a new jar!


I relaxed for a little bit after this, watched the Bachelorette, said goodbye to some family, and then we went over to the Smerdel’s for dinner: wings & pizza. I was so tired at the Smerdel’s and also so full from food, that I passed out on the sofa after eating and slept until everyone was ready to leave, and then went right to bed once we got back home.

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