Pacific Crest Trail

Day 80: Lake of the Pines Zero

7.4.18. 0 miles.

4th of July! This holiday is a big deal at the lakehouse, as the lake does it’s own fireworks show. I woke up pretty early, and Riley was sleeping with me and jumped on my once I started stirring, so I got up and fed the dogs and then went to wake up my mom. We went down to Starbucks, and then over to the Smerdel’s house to spend some relaxing down time with them before everyone else was up.

We had some non-PCT errands to run, and I wanted some Panda Express for lunch, so we went into town to do that. We then went back home and I made a list of things I needed to do, and started my laundry. I had two loads: my normal clothes, and then my down items. I washed my quilt and my down jacket since I had special down wash and didn’t have to pay for laundry, so unlimited drying! The rest of the day was spent relaxing, talking to family, and then watching the fireworks show once it was dark. We stayed up way too late tonight and I was getting exhausted. I eventually retreated back to the van for bed once people started leaving.

Emily SchrickComment