Pacific Crest Trail

Day 105: mile 1496.4 to mile 1501.2 to Mount Shasta Nearo

7.29.18. 4.8 miles.

Ahh I got to sleep in this morning which was pretty lovely. I didn’t start hiking until 7:15 since the trail Angel, Tony, wasn’t going to pick me up until 9-10am, and I had less than 5 miles to the road. I pretty much zoomed downhill. There wasn’t anything to look at, just dark, smoky forest. I did pass the 1,500 mile marker though, so crazy! I was sitting at the trailhead by 8:45.

the sun has an orange glow pretty much all day

the sun has an orange glow pretty much all day


Many, many hikers showed up also needing rides to town. Tony came around 9:45, picked me and some of the other hikers up, and then we were off to town!

Crossed over the Sacramento River

Crossed over the Sacramento River

Tony was really great and nice to talk to. Like so many people I’ve met up here, he used to live in the Bay Area, but got sick of it. He dropped me off at my motel, the Travel Inn, and chatted with the owners, who he is friends with. He told me he’s the one that convinced them to give hikers a discount. Thanks Tony! My room wasn’t ready yet, so I immediately went into chore mode. I first went to the closer grocery store, an organic market, and it was AMAZING. So many cool treats in there. I got some different bars, and some other snacks since I’m so tired of the food I’ve been eating, and grabbed some other things for my resupply. They also had a cafe in the back for breakfast foods, so I got a vegan breakfast burrito which was soooo good. It just tasted like real, whole food, which I had been desperately craving. I also got a smoothie. YUM.


After that, I went across the street to the laundromat to do my laundry. It was not fun sitting in the heat in my rain gear. Thankfully this only took an hour, and I went back to the motel, still in my rain gear, not wanting to put my clean clothes on before a shower. I still had to wait for my room. I sat in the shade for another hour, and then my room was all set! It was a decent room and smelled really good. I immediately turned the AC on high and then hopped in the shower and cleaned off and then laid on the nice soft bed with a really nice pottery barn-esque fuzzy blanket.


I got hungry again and really wanted to try the Thai place, so I got dressed and walked (0.7 miles) to the restaurant. So far, but so worth it. I got panang curry and pad see ew and they were so tasty. I took the pad see ew back for leftovers later. After lunch I called my parents on the walk back, then I needed to go to the real grocery store to buy a few more things for food, which was another decently long walk. After all my afternoon walking, I was pooped, and relaxed on the bed watching tv.

Eventually, I wanted dinner, so I walked across the street to the Italian place that the owners of my motel also run. It was a super cool restaurant and the food was yummy! And they give motel guests a 10% discount! I got pesto gnocchi “family style” aka with clam chowder AND a Caesar salad AND an antipasto plate AND bread. It was far too much food but it was just what I wanted. I almost ate everything. After dinner I was so stuffed. I waddled across the street and got in to bed and FaceTimed with the family while watching tv. Back to the trail tomorrow!

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