Pacific Crest Trail

Day 101: Burney Zero #4

7.25.18. 0 miles.

UGH. Is all I have to say.

I woke up much earlier than my alarm to my stomach hurting pretty bad and just not being able to sleep. I went to the bathroom and had the runs again. I knew then that I really had no business going out onto the trail if I’m still not 100% in the intestinal department, so I messaged my ride and cancelled, and once the motel office opened up, got a room for yet another night.

Today was very boring like the last few days. Watched a lot of tv with intermittent naps. Went out to lunch at the diner, and then to Safeway to grab some things for dinner, then walked back. The air quality was really bad and it was so hot. There’s a fire burning near Redding, which is where the smoke is coming from. I have to say, I want to get back on the trail bc I’m so antsy here, but man, I am not going to love hiking in the heat and smoke.

After my lunch walk, it was back to watching more tv, took another shower, and more tv. I watched a movie on Netflix, then more tv and ate my salad dinner. Then I FaceTimed my family again and went to bed. Trail tomorrow! I’m super happy because my ride is going to drop me off at one of the dirt road closer to where I made it (Rock Creek) on Saturday so I don’t have to walk too many extra miles.

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