Pacific Crest Trail

Day 96: mile 1406.9 to Burney Mountain Guest Ranch Nearo

7.20.18. 2.8 miles.

Ahhh today was so great. I slept in this morning a little bit. Didn’t wake up and start getting ready until about 6:15, but I was actually hiking by 6:40! Was super speedy getting ready this morning somehow. I only had 2.8 miles to walk to get to Burney Mountain Guest Ranch, and they were pretty easy miles. Flat at the beginning going by a weird power station, but nice water, and then a little uphill through some oak forests. The temps were so nice and it was so peaceful this morning.


I got to the ranch around 7:45 and went inside to eat some breakfast! River, Mountain Goat, and Mantis were already there eating so I joined them. We were having a nice time talking until the power went out. I was super bummed about this bc all the things I needed to do: shower, charge things, laundry, couldn’t be done! I was able to get my resupply box and sort it out though. I was debating for a while continuing to hike until the road to try to hitch into Burney, but the power went back on after about an hour, so that was great!


I ended up getting a bed in the Hiker bunk room instead of camping. A little more expensive, but I haven’t paid for lodging since Kennedy Meadows North, so I’m ok with it. Now with the power on I was able to shower, do laundry, and charge my things. I also just laid on my bed and relaxed. After relaxing, I wanted some pool time and to eat some snacks. The pool was so nice! It actually cooled down a little though bc it was pretty windy, so I was cold! But I laid out in the sun too, watching the Bachelorette. I got sunburned on my back, but it’s not super bad.


After catching up on the show, socializing with some new hiker friends (Avatar and 2-Ply) and old (Kathrin, who was hiking with Neon and Avocet!), and eating dinner, Mayo came in and joined me in the Hiker bunk. Super cool that the 2 of us are sharing a room that can hold 8... just for us! We talked some more while Mayo ate dinner and then I gave her a tour and showed her our cabin. I got ready for bed and pretty much konked out while Mayo did her laundry.

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