Pacific Crest Trail

Day 100: Burney Triple Zero

7.24.18. 0 miles.

Another day of rest & relaxation. I definitely felt better today, but my lingering sinus sickness was present. The Mucinex is definitely helping though, so I know I’m going back on the trail tomorrow, and I’ll just continue taking mucinex for the sinus stuff. I went over to Rite Aid again to grab a few more snacks for the day and then to McDonald’s, right next door, for some lunch.

The rest of the day I just laid in bed and watched tv. This time, Friends, The Parent Trap, ELF, and some HGTV. I also took another shower, braided my hair, FaceTimed with my mom & Dad for a long time, and also got to talk to Pammy and Cam on the phone in the evening.

I was definitely feeling pretty restless today, and I kept waking up in the early hours of the morning, so I know I’m getting better & having more energy, and feel stronger, so going back on trail tomorrow is definitely the right call. I was able to set up a ride with a trail angel - one of the ones who did the epic trail magic on the Hat Creek Rim, Jeanine - for tomorrow morning, so I don’t have to pay for the taxi again, and she’s going to drop me off closer to where I made it before turning around.

I’m anxious to get back on the trail, but also, I’d be lying if the NorCal blues haven’t hit me hard. It’s been rough being alone, and that may be exacerbated by literally being alone the last few days in my motel room, but hiking alone has also taken a bit of a toll on me. And I know I’m about to get back on trail in the middle of a completely different bubble, so I don’t know if I’ll know anyone. But everyone is so kind out here, so I know there will be some cool people. Even though it’s been rough being alone, I’m not sure I want to be back in a “Trail family” yet, because I definitely want to take my time these next few days, until I’m feeling 100% good again.

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