Pacific Crest Trail

Day 89: Buck’s Lake to Belden to Caribou Crossroads

7.13.18. 23.4 miles.

What a day! I hope you don’t think I’m just town hopping through Northern California, though there are a lot of towns and services in the beginning part. I officially woke up around 6 this morning but had been tossing and turning starting at 5 bc I could hear other hikers getting ready. I got up and went straight to the laundry to put my clothes in and then drank the coffee that was brewed for us. Soon enough, our trail angels were prepping breakfast and treated us to huge pancakes, eggs, sausages, fruit, juice... it was amazing! I love eating a real breakfast on trail since my normal breakfast out here is a carnation instant water drink and belvita crackers/ poptarts. I got to lollygag in the morning and wait for my laundry, but I still got back to the trail at 8:30 and began hiking.


I was brought back alone, all of the other hikers were in the first two drop offs, so I was by myself the first few miles. They were very pleasant and so quiet, I felt like I was in a dream. I ran into people around 4 miles in at the other road crossing to bucks lake/ Quincy. That’s where the climb of the day started. It wasn’t bad at all, but it was so humid and overcast, not the usual climate I’m used to hiking in, so I was getting tired. It was also slightly smoky so it was just a weird air combination.


I took an early lunch at a spot with service, but the flies were terrible again so it wasn’t relaxing. I didn’t stay long. I finished most of the climbing right after lunch and ran into Dirty Money, Sausage, and Renee for the first time since the house. We’re all trying to make it to Belden tonight. I put on a podcast (Serial, season 2) for the rest of the way to pass the time, and then music to really get moving down the huge mountain into Belden. The scenery was really nice during the day, and I even found some lakes my mom was telling me about that she’s been to! I was thinking about her today since she’s been on this part of the PCT before.


I finally got down to Belden at 6:30 and went by the lodge to pick up my backcountry package w my new rain jacket & pants, and then went to the road to try to hitch to Caribou Crossroads. I called them earlier when I had service and they said they had room for camping and they close at 7. So I tried hitching until 7 but had no luck. So I went back to the lodge bc I was hungry and not in the mood to road walk to Caribou. While I was eating though, Fetus, who I met way back in the desert, came in and talked about wanting to get to Caribou tonight and I told him I’d walk with him if he wanted to go! So we finished our food, and started walking the 2ish miles to the store. Of course, it’s practically dark and they’re closed when we got there, but I’m happy I’ll be here in the morning when they open instead of trying to get a ride/ walk tomorrow. I’m going to stay during the day and leave in the late afternoon to start the big, almost 6,000 ft climb, out of town tomorrow. I still need to resupply here and get a legendary milkshake!

pretty sunset while road walking!

pretty sunset while road walking!

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