Pacific Crest Trail

​Day 87: mile 1216 to mile 1242.9

7.11.18. 26.9 miles.

Today started off weird, as I slept through my alarm and didn’t end up waking up until 5:35! And then I noticed pretty much right next to my face where my food bag was, were tiny holes in the mesh in my tent right near there that definitely were not there the night before, or at least the day before. A mouse had been trying to get to my food, either in Sierra City or last night. So I was a little frustrated this morning, now needing to repair my tent. *Ugh*

The morning went by pretty quickly, and I took a probably too long break at the top of the 1,000 ft climb only 5 miles into the day bc I had service. I recently became aware that there were actually 7 S-Town episodes and iTunes originally only showed me & downloaded the first 4, so I wanted to get the rest, and also to communicate w Butters, my parents, and social media. In hindsight, I probably also should have ordered mesh repair stuff but I wasn’t thinking of that at the time. I chatted with Dirty Money at the top, and Tiny Slice and Shocks as they walked by, and Flash, another hiker I met last night, as well.


I finally left and did the descent, eventually Flash caught up with me and we hiked a little together and talked about the trail, life, etc. he’s from Eugene, OR and is trying to get to Ashland by the end of July for a family reunion & then take some more time off to see friends at home (& eat!), so he’s been crushing 30s a lot. I then proceeded to tell him about the restaurants I go to when I’m in Eugene and how much I would kill for Papa Soul Food rn (RIP) and Red Wagon Creamery since I’m on an ice cream craving ever since getting to NorCal. Since he had way more miles to hike & was obviously just slowing down a bit to chat with me, I let him take off and do the next ascent by myself at a much more appropriate (i.e. slow) pace. During the first part of this ascent I ran into a PCTA trail party! Everyone was so nice and there were so many volunteers and it was wonderful to see all these trail maintainers out and doing really hard work to give us a beautiful trail. And they picked a good spot too, bc the trail tread was super weird here: like soft mulch/ soil. I talked with a few of them for a bit and then continued my climb, slightly jealous that they were breaking for lunch and I still had 4 more miles to my predetermined lunch spot.


I eventually made it there after a climb that kicked my butt in the heat (still have the rain jacket on), and there was only a little bit of shade and I was being attacked by flies the whole time, most likely bc I smell like a huge pile of dog shit.

Needless to say, lunch was not relaxing, so I picked up and kept hiking after an hour of putting up with that. I had about 4 miles to the next water source, and when I got there, there were many hikers! Dirty Money, Sausage and Renee who I met today but have seen a few times before, an older, married couple whose names I’m blanking on, and Birdman, who I also met today.

Trail crew volunteers!

Trail crew volunteers!

I was feeling pretty good and in a nice groove and listening to S-Town, so I decided I’d hike another 6 miles to a tentsite listed on guthook’s. The miles sure do fly by when you have sometime to preoccupy yourself with. There have been some views today, but mostly in the trees or views of hills with trees, etc. so it’s nice to have something to distract yourself with. I try to limit my podcast/ music listening to after lunch, so I do sit with my thoughts in the morning. I got to camp around 8 pm, and Dirty Money, Sausage, and Renee were there, and we ate dinner and talked and then finally set up camp around 9. It’s 10 right now and I’m so tired! I’m going to try to wake up at my normal time tomorrow and get to camp a little earlier just so I can get into my normal rhythm again!

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