Pacific Crest Trail

Day 72: mile 971.2 to mile 998.3

6.26.18. 27.1 miles.

Biggest day yet! Today was... let’s just say that northern Yosemite is not blowing me away, and this is coming from someone who loooves this park.


Today was a day of ups and downs, literally and figuratively. We had lots of elevation gain/ loss. Once we went up a mountain, we’d go back down, and do the whole thing over again. I think we did this 3 or 4 times today?


Nothing really stands out as spectacular. Just lots and lots and lots of mosquitos. I don’t know how there can possibly be so many.


At lunch though, I realized my toes were kind of numb. I mentioned it to Butters & Hot Mess and apparently this is a thing that happens to thru-hikers and Butters has had numb toes since Warner Springs! The feeling is very weird. There is sensation, just reduced, and tingly at times. Apparently this is called “Christmas Toe” bc you can feel your toes again around Christmas.


We ended up hiking more than originally intended, but the whole hike up to Dorothy Lake was in buggy, muddy, meadow with absolutely no tent sites, and then (I was behind Hot Mess & Butters for this whole ordeal) when they got to Dorothy Lake ahead of me, there were no open tent sites! Crazy how such a huge lake has very few tenting areas around it. I asked everyone I passed if they had seen other hikers pass, and yep they had. Before I knew it, I was at the top of Dorothy Pass, exiting Yosemite. I figured they were aiming for the next tentsite listed on guthook’s, so I booked it down the pass, thankfully there wasn’t any snow in the way.


I finally got to the spot a little before 8. Hot Mess was getting a fire going because guess what? The mosquitos are a bitch down here too. Thankfully the smoke kept them at bay enough to eat dinner without my head net on tonight.


Overall, I’m really happy to be out of Yosemite (aka Mosquito National Park). I’m hoping that it’s better there in the fall, bug wise. But honestly, the climbs were like super annoying in Yosemite too. There were definitely some pretty views, but the majority was just like “meh”. Maybe if I wasn’t pushing bigger miles it would seem nicer? Idk. I’m not giving up on the high country yet. I still have some backpacking trips I want to do there, but will definitely never do them in June/July.


I’m very excited to be hitting Sonora Pass tomorrow, most likely staying at Kennedy Meadows North resort for the night. I’m trying to make it to a Donner Pass by the end of the day on the 5th, and I think it will work out!

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