Pacific Crest Trail

Day 67: Mammoth Lakes Zero

6.21.18. 0 miles.

Today was a pretty chill zero day.

I woke up naturally and went to breakfast at our hotel which was pretty legit. They had continental options but also a grill which had made-to-order pancakes and eggs.

After that I lounged around in my room for s but before deciding to head to Starbucks to get a drink and call Katy. I hadn’t talked to her since before the trail and it was so nice to hear her voice! After that I saw The Incredibles 2 in the movie theater, which was super good.

Then I went back to the hotel, took another shower, and laid around waiting for dinner. Uncle Rick & Rita were coming up for dinner and needed to meet anyways to bring the stuff LOL left at his house. We had dinner at a Mexican restaurant and I was able to reunite LOL with her missing belongings.

After dinner I went back to the hotel and really felt like something sweet & cold so I ran over to the Chevron next door to buy some Dibs and then I laid in bed watching the end of Pitch Perfect 2 and went to bed.

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