Pacific Crest Trail

Day 47: Lake Isabella Zero

6.1.18. 0 miles.

It was so nice to sleep in today! I woke up around 6:30 bc I needed to use the bathroom, but after that I got right back into my tent and just laid there, texting people and catching up on blog posts. Around 8:30 I really started hearing people so I packed my things up and wandered out of my tent. Everyone wanted to go back to Nelda’s for breakfast, so I finished packing my pack and we went to the road to try to hitch. We were much more successful this morning, only took 5-10 minutes to get a ride down the road.


The breakfast was super good and huge and filling. I also got another shake (mint chocolate chip) and it was sooo good.


After breakfast, we went to the Kern Motel to get a room for the night since Butters, Hot Mess, and I wanted to stay another night and sleep in a bed before Kennedy Meadows. We had to wait for the owner to return, but we got a room and it had everything we needed for the night. LOL left her things there and we all went to Vons to resupply. I think I’m finally getting the hang of resupply... took me long enough. I just don’t eat a ton of food on trail. Everyone talks about hiker hunger but I don’t think my eating has really changed all that much. Even in town, I can only usually eat one big meal. After resupply, we went back to the motel and got our things ready for laundry. I had on a super cute outfit of my puffy as a top and rain jacket as a skirt since I was washing everything else.


After my laundry was done I went back to the room, took a shower, called grandma, relaxed with my legs up the wall, and ate my snacks while I waited for Butters & Hot Mess to finish. When they got back, we went to Burger King to get some dinner, then to Vons to get water, and I needed to buy a new Talenti (mango) bc my old jar tasted like soap. We got back to the room and I realized I had yet to watch the greys anatomy finale, so I watched that while eating my Talenti, then I watched the bachelorette, then it was time for bed! Going back to the trail tomorrow, and I just can’t wait for the Sierra!