Pacific Crest Trail

​Day 63: mile 845.5 to mile 864.2

6.17.18. 18.7 miles.

Not too much happened today! Today was our “easy” Sierra day, meaning we didn’t have any passes planned and our day was mostly downhill.


My day started off with a jolt: I had overslept my alarm by 20 min and I didn’t even hear it! At least now I know I can really get ready in 40 min even though it usually takes me 1 hr. We were hiking by 6, but immediately regretted how early we started. It was so cold! My shoes were even frozen in the morning!

The trail was mostly downhill for the first half of the day. We had a big creek crossing at Evolution, and decided to take the mellower alternate, which still required a ford, but probably wasn’t as deep as the PCT trail crossing.


The rest of the morning was actually kind of boring for me. The scenery was nice with the rivers and rocks but I wasn’t super mentally into today, so I put on a podcast (something I try to avoid in the mornings) to distract myself. We did leave Kings Canyon National Park today, and we entered the Sierra National Forest into the John Muir Wilderness. It’s pretty cool knowing we’ve hiked through two national parks now!


We got to the junction with Muir Trail Ranch and decided to eat lunch there, but the weather wasn’t cooperating. Super cold one minute, warm the next. So we only took an hour break and then got to hiking again to our camp spot. After lunch was all uphill and Hot Mess went before me & Butters, so the two of us took our time and went at our pace with plenty of breaks in the shade since it was suddenly hot again.


It was another early day, as I rolled into camp around 4ish. We have such a pretty spot overlooking Sallie Keyes Lakes. Tomorrow we are doing Selden Pass in the morning, and then just trying to set up for Silver Pass in the afternoon!

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