Pacific Crest Trail

Day 59: Bishop to Kearsarge Pass/ PCT junction mile 789.1

6.13.18. 0 PCT miles. 7.5 total miles.

I slept so well last night. First time I didn’t wake up in the middle of the night in a while! Rick & Rita left for work before I was awake but left me some coffee, which was wonderful and so nice! I took another shower, organized my clothes and food, and then headed into town so I could get better cell service and finish up some town chores. I went back to the gear shop to buy a new fuel canister, went to Vons to replace my water bottles and buy some Claritin (hopefully this will solve my phlegm problem), and then went to Starbucks to use WiFi to watch the last bachelorette episode (I know, so #basic), and call my grandma to wish her a happy birthday. After I was done with the episode, I picked up Butters and LOL and we went to the post office to finish mailing things, then picked up Hot Mess and went to lunch at a pizza place.


After lunch, LOL and I went back to Rick’s house to see if her package arrived, which it had! I finished changing into my trail clothes and packed the rest of my things up, then we drove to Starbucks to use power & WiFi once more time before meeting up with Rick to do a car swap and drive back to the trail!

deer with a research tracking collar on

deer with a research tracking collar on


My day was pretty relaxing and I was sort of dreading hiking all the way up Kearsarge back to the trail. I think if I ever did the Sierra stretch again, I’d do KM - Lone Pine - MTR/VVR - Mammoth and skip the pass and Mt. Whitney so you don’t have to carry an extra day of food. The trail wasn’t too bad, it just took so much time even though I barely stopped! We started a little after 5 and I got to the PCT junction at 9 pm. LOL and I lost Hot Mess & Butters on the way up, so I’m not sure where they’re camped, but we’ll run into them tomorrow since I plan on waking up much earlier than normal tomorrow to tackle Glen Pass. Hopefully I’ll pass their tent on the way and can talk to them!

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