Pacific Crest Trail

Day 58: Bishop Zero

6.12.18. 0 miles.

Not too much happening today on my zero! Just your normal town chores.

Rick & Rita bought us bacon, so LOL cooked us eggs & bacon in the morning and I cleaned up. It was sooo yummy! We had many errands to do, first being to see if LOL could get a room in town for the night, so we drove to the Travelodge to do that & get a letter from Butters to send at the post office while she was doing laundry. We did both, then went over to the Summit to Sage gear shop which was a super nice place! I was able to get some honey stingers and nuun tabs. After gear, it was resupply time, which always takes so much time & effort, even when I go in with a pretty detailed list. After resupply, we picked up Hot Mess & Butters for lunch at Erick Shats bakery, which was jam packed with people, but I eventually got a sandwich, then bought some more goodies and a gelato! Yum.

I dropped them all off at the motel, then went to Starbucks to use WiFi to watch the Bachelorette and do blog posts, and call my mom, dad, and Pammy & Cam. This surprisingly took a very long time and it was suddenly 6 pm! I drove back to the house and got there a little bit before Rick & Rita, so started to organize my resupply and get in into my bear canister. I stayed at the house for dinner with the fam- we had steak and grilled veggies and it was perfect! We also had a Klondike bar and that was also super yummy. I ate a ton of sugar today, but oh well. It was nice to have some alone time away from other hikers, even though I love my friends! But I did notice it making it more difficult to want to go back to the trail.

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