Pacific Crest Trail

​Day 57: mile 788.9 to mile 789.1 to Kearsarge Pass to Bishop

6.11.18. 0.2 PCT miles. 7.7 miles total.

We got an early start today since I told Uncle Rick we’d be getting to the trailhead at 10 am. The hike up to Kearsarge Pass seemed so difficult, every step was challenging today, and I was either super hot in my layers or cold when I took them off. My camera also started doing weird things and the lens wouldn’t close, which was frustrating and I couldn’t fix it. The views on the switchbacks up to the pass were so amazing though! It was cool to see this area even though it’s not on the PCT.


I was the last one up to the pass, and as I was getting there, I heard my name being called from around the corner. It was my Uncle Rick! He hiked up to the pass early in the morning to meet us. We did introductions, and then hiked the 4.5 miles down to the trailhead pretty quickly. On our way down, I ran into people I had hiked with waaay in the beginning of the trail! Thumbellina, Mouse, and Surgeon. Pretty funny how things happen like that. They were hiking back up to the pass, and it really didn’t look like a lot of fun.


We got to the car, popped open the sodas Rick brought us, and then drove thru Independence and into Bishop. It’s a decently long drive, and I’m impressed that most hikers are able to get hitched into these towns. The trailhead is pretty far away! I was feeling very lucky to have a ride.


When we got in, we did a quick driving tour of Bishop and then dropped Butters & Hot Mess off at their hotel, and Rick drove me & LOL back to his place on the outskirts of town. It was cool seeing where he lives, it’s really close to the Buttermilks, a popular bouldering spot. Once at home, we took showers, did laundry, and made a salad out of ingredients him & Rita grow at home, and it was delicious! LOL needed to order a new phone battery bc hers expanded at the top of the pass and wouldn’t fit into the phone anymore, so she got that sorted out as well. Rita came home & we chatted for a bit, and then me & LOL drove back into town to get dinner with Butters & Hot Mess at the brewery. We talked about our plans for the next section of trail to Mammoth and figured it would take us 7 days to do, and maybe we’ll stop at VVR. After dinner, we went back to the house, planned our chores for tomorrow, and went to bed.

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