Pacific Crest Trail

Day 54: mile 750.8 to mile 767 to Crabtree Meadows

6.8.18. 17.8 PCT miles. 18.8 total.


Today originally started off kind of crummy bc I had to throw up again. I’m thinking of seeing a doctor in Bishop bc idk why this keeps happening. It’s happened a few times since Tehachapi and it’s mostly just annoying - I always feel completely fine afterwards.


The sunrise near the lake was so gorgeous, and our first climb out of the lake area was a little hard, but after that is was smooth sailing. We had so many gorgeous views today. And we also entered our first national park: Sequoia! Very exciting since I hadn’t been there yet! Too bad there aren’t passport stamps in the wilderness 😂 Today I mostly hiked by myself/ with LOL since we were taking a little longer than Butters and Hot Mess to get ready. In fact, we didn’t see them until camp tonight!


We had our first real creek crossing today too. Rock creek. It was totally fine and easy to cross at the trail. After crossing, LOL and I soaked our feet in the river and watched the fish swim around. We had a pretty challenging climb after the river which totally took all my energy away. After getting more water and walking some more, it was lunch time. We only took 45 min for lunch so we could get to camp earlier.

Marmots are everywhere!

Marmots are everywhere!

The rest of the climb was also tough, but then we had some nice downhill/ flats after that and got an amazing view of Mt. Whitney! We took the second PCT junction to Crabtree Meadows to get that part of the climb done of the trail, and now we are camped pretty close to the JMT junction to continue on to Mt. Whitney tomorrow! I am super excited to climb Whitney, and I’m just hoping I don’t get altitude sickness. We are not trying to see sunrise at the top, so we’re heading out at 4 am to start the hike. Such an early start tomorrow!

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