Pacific Crest Trail

​Day 24: Big Bear Lake to mile 279.2

5.9.18. 13.1 miles.

It was so hard to leave my cozy bed this morning! I went to sleep so late last night due to our greys anatomy marathon and reading a blog of a hiker who is in the Sierra right now.


The morning was pretty stressful since we slept in and needed to be out of the house by 11 and needed to bring the garbage to the dump (so annoying) and do once last load of laundry, and shower one last time, etc. We got everything done & called a driver in town. $12 to get us to the dump with garbage and then to the trailhead. Not too bad since we didn’t think our chances of getting a hitch would be good with garbage bags in our hands.

Kristie and I started off slow & steady. The terrain was not challenging at all, thank goodness, since we had so much food in our packs and they were so heavy! We were just strolling and somehow ended up hiking our usual speed, even though we didn’t feel like we were working hard at all! I think the rest time was exactly what I needed for my body to have some recovery. My legs & feet were not feeling their usual soreness as they were even after leaving Idyllwild after 2 zeros.


We started hiking at around noon. We didn’t get too far in to the trail before we were rerouted up some forest service roads due to a fire closure from last year. 1 mile of the PCT was closed and the reroute was 2 miles. The burn area was pretty bad. I remember the fire happening last year & was happy it happened after Will had passed through. The destruction was very apparent though.


The detour was the worst of the climbing today, everything after that was pretty smooth sailing. It was nice to finally have a day with not super challenging terrain. We also had pretty nice views and got to walk in forest a lot, which I love! There were so many Jeffrey Pines too, and I didn’t even have to stick my nose into their bark to smell the butterscotch scent. They were so fragrant! I thought of my mom and how much she would have enjoyed the hiking today.


We took it pretty easy and only did 13 miles, which is pretty great for only 5.5 hours of hiking! I wouldn’t really call today a nearo, but I think we did just enough to remind our bodies that were getting back to hiking, but not too much so that we’ll be dying tomorrow.


We’re trying to shoot for a few 20 mile days this stretch because it’s a long ways to Wrightwood and the terrain isn’t too bad, especially the first few days, so we want to start off strong!

Also, I have some gear changes to report that I haven’t really mentioned before. First, I just wasn’t UL enough to deal with a short sleeping pad, so I sent for my full-length thermarest neoair xlite women’s pad. Second, I got rid of the gossamer gear thinlite pad because I was getting the full length pad & it was annoying me during breaks. Third, I got Croc flip-flops at Big 5 and they are just as light as the cheapo ones from Warner Springs and are actually my size and feel good!