Pacific Crest Trail

Day 23: Big Bear Lake Zero

5.8.18. 0 miles.

Oh, it was so nice to sleep in a king size bed with amazingly plush sheets & blankets. I slept in until 7! It was glorious. I had a hard time getting up and ready. My feet still felt swollen and my body hurt and I wasn’t in the mood to leave bed. I finally got out of bed around 9 and did some “normal human” things like brush & floss my teeth in front of a mirror & sink and some other hygiene things, washed my feet again & monitored my blisters, then got dressed.

I heated up my leftover Thai food for breakfast (yum) and then walked down to the hostel to pick up a package Pammy and her mom sent to me. It is so nice getting care packages, and they sent some totally awesome Trader Joe’s treats that I can’t wait to eat! Thanks Pammy & Geri! <3 After getting the package I sorted out what I needed to resupply. We’re thinking it will take us about 6 days to get to Wrightwood.

Unfortunately, John is getting off the trail because he needs to go back to work. We thought we’d have more time with him, but the timing worked better for him to exit here. So he rented a car to get to the airport, and he was kind enough to let us borrow it for the afternoon. Score! I drove Kristie to Big 5 to pick up some things, and then we went to Von’s (aka Safeway, aka my favorite grocery store in the world) and it literally felt like home! I was too excited to be there. I got my food & I also got a *Starbucks* and I was a v happy basic b. Until we got home and I realized I bought way too much food. Resupply is hard.

After our errands, we said goodbye to the boys. Everyone was hiking out this afternoon, and we don’t know if we’ll see them again because they’re so fast! And we said goodbye to John, hoping that he’ll come back during the summer sometime and hike in Northern California with us.

To make ourselves feel better, Kristie and I watched Grey’s Anatomy for the rest of the evening. Dead Zone & I got takeout from a super tasty burger place & milkshakes from Ben & Jerry’s, and then continued the grey’s marathon.

I got to talk to my parents tonight which was great, my mom is going to send new shoes to Wrightwood since I think ones that are a little bigger will be beneficial to me since my feet seem happy to stay swollen at this time. I also iced my ankles again, and generally vegged out on the couch.

We decided we’re going to leave by 11 am tomorrow- shower & do one more load of laundry before leaving. This is going to be our longest stretch out on the trail before getting to a real town, but we do have something very exciting to look forward to: the McDonald’s that’s basically on the PCT!

Sorry, no pictures today. Zero days are not very photogenic!  

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