Pacific Crest Trail

​Day 42: Tehachapi Zero

5.27.18. 0 miles.

Another zero day filled with errands!

Unfortunately I didn’t get that great of sleep in the middle of the night because of my bowels. Sushi did not agree with me, along with most town foods.

The free breakfast at the hotel was great though, and I totally filled up on that. Next order of business was to get my laundry done, which I was finally able to since the machines were open. After that, it was resupply time, which was kind of stressful, as always. I think I did pretty well with the food though, we’ll see how much I have leftover at Walker Pass.

After shopping, mom and I had a 60 min foot reflexology and it was amazing! They did a scalp, neck, shoulder, arm, and leg massage too and it was perfect. My feet felt so good after.

We then got some pho at the pho place that was actually pretty good, which was surprising, given my standards.

After all that, we went back to the hotel and I organized my food and then we hung out in the van with dad & Riley until we went to dinner at a steakhouse. After dinner we hung out in the van again, FaceTimed with the Smerdels & Allison and then it was bedtime.

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