Pacific Crest Trail

​Day 38: mile 498.2 to mile 517.6 to Wee Vill Market

5.23.18. 19.4 miles.


Today was not the most exciting day overall, but we did hit 500 miles very early in the morning! It is such a great accomplishment, I can’t believe I’ve hiked 500 miles on this trail! The miles are coming much faster now, so it feels like we’re hitting milestones all the time.


The hiking was fairly easy today but I was feeling pretty tired. My zero day in Tehachapi can’t come soon enough! We started out at the Sawmill campground and had beautiful views of the valley, lots of green and lots of oak trees! Once we started descending, the Mojave came into view, and it definitely looks more daunting when you’re getting closer!


The temps were fine earlier but during the descent it got pretty hot. It was definitely a good reminder that we need to take the next part of the hike seriously because of the heat! Thank goodness it won’t be suuuuper hot tomorrow, but it will be in the high 70s/ low 80s without any shade. Perfect time to use my sunbrella!


The last 5 miles of the hike were super annoying because we could see the highway and houses but the trail was just weaving up & down hills sort of going towards the road.


It was very nice when we finally got to the road. Hikertown is right at the highway/ PCT junction but we’d heard some weird stuff there, and Butters & Hot Mess had a package going to Wee Vill Market, a convenience store/ RV Park about 8 miles east. They are awesome there! They came to pick us up from the trail in an old Winnebago, brought us to the market, and we got free camping, a free shower, and the grill was fabulous! Maria, the cook, is an absolute angel! I highly recommend going there. They are also going to be opening up early tomorrow for us at 4 am so we can eat before driving us back to the trail! Amazing.


At the market I did some chores- charged my batteries, re-evaluated my food & bought more snacks, and most importantly, ate & hydrated. I had a double cheeseburger with fries, a 32 oz Gatorade, a soda, and a vanilla milkshake. Let’s just say I was very full afterwards.

Now I’m just prepping for waking up at 4 am and hiking out super early! I’m a little excited for the Aqueduct but also slightly nervous. We’ll see how it goes!

Also I keep forgetting to mention something I’m so excited about: my parents are meeting me in Tehachapi! The timing works of perfectly for so many reasons: 1. It’s a holiday weekend and Mom can get work off 2. Perfect time for a nearo-zero situation because it’s still snowing in the Sierra! 3. Hitching from highways can be hard and I’ll have a ride with them! 4. I’m really craving real food (burgers & pizza are great, but...) so I’m hoping we go somewhere nice for dinner one of the nights.

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