Pacific Crest Trail

Day 37: Casa de Luna to mile 498.2

5.22.18. 20 miles.

Today felt like a pretty long day with so many weather/ terrain changes! Waking up at Casa de Luna was wonderful. I got such a good nights sleep! I got all my things packed and went out front by 7 am and there were all you can eat pancakes being freshly made for us! It was pretty amazing. Nothing better than starting the hiking day with pancakes, lots of butter, and maple syrup.


I made sure to sign my name on the huge class bedsheet and get my picture taken in front of it. LOL and I were taking longer to eat & leave - almost everyone had left already! But Terri was amazing and told us she’s driving us back to the trail - score! We didn’t have to try to hitch which was awesome. Terri was really great to talk to. She’s such a nice and cool person.


Once we got back to the trail, it was immediately colder and we were in a cloud again and we just started climbing. The scenery was very similar to the prior day. Once we created the top of the hill though, we got some beautiful blue skies and perfect weather. And views!


We had 9 miles to our first water source and I’ve discovered that my water intake is just so much less when it’s colder & overcast. I had to dump out 1 L before the next bigger climb because it was unnecessary weight when I knew the water was flowing. I have learned that I drink 1 L every 5-7 miles, depending on temperature & steepness of climbs.


The hiking was actually pretty great and cruisey today but I was pretty tired for some reason! Hopefully it’s just my body getting used to hiking 20s again. The last 5 miles seemed to drag on even though they were pretty gorgeous as we were in a forest. We had pretty amazing views of the Mojave Desert as well. It’s so weird that we’ll be down there tomorrow! I’m kind of excited for the aqueduct hike, and I’m even more excited to hit 500 miles tomorrow! First I need to get through tonight. There has been a report of a “pesky bear” in the large campground I’m in tonight, and hopefully it doesn’t show up and cause trouble!

our water source at the campground 

our water source at the campground 

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