Pacific Crest Trail

Day 36: mile 462.6 to mile 478.2 to Casa de Luna

5.21.18. 15.6 miles.

I have to say, it has been nice to have 2 days covering fewer miles than usual. It definitely feels like my body is having a chance to recover even though I haven’t taken a zero.


The morning got off to a pretty slow start. I wanted to meet up with Swayed, so I tried waking up super early, but I was stuck in a big cloud and it was so rainy/misty and I just didn’t want to leave my tent yet. I texted him that I’d see him at Casa de Luna, if not sooner. I went back to sleep & finally started getting ready around 5:45. The misty cloud didn’t go anywhere, but at least I had a little more light.

I was cold all day today, pretty much. I wore my wind pants and rain jacket almost all day to keep myself warm. It was just so overcast and sometimes windy, so much colder than what I’ve been used to. Isn’t this the desert? I can’t complain about lack of heat though!


The hiking today was actually kind of pretty. Lots of green trees and bushes and little nooks with lots of ivy (and poison oak). It was so cold though, and didn’t offer many places to break, and I just wanted to get to Casa de Luna.

I finally reached the road at 2:15 and immediately started trying to hitch. It took 30 min to get a ride! So many cars passed me, even though I was alone at first. A few other hikers rolled in and we finally got a ride w a man whose father is a Trail Gorilla (trail maintainer in SoCal) and who has hiked 1,700 miles of the trail!

Terri doing “the talk” 

Terri doing “the talk” 

Once we got to Casa de Luna, I felt immediately relaxed. The vibe was so chill, everyone was just lounging around in their Hawaiian shirts, but over their puffys since we were all cold! LOL, Butters, and I were snuggled on a sofa with blankets over us to stay warm. I was again blown away by the fact that Terri and Joe give away their front & back yards to hikers every single day during the season. They’ve been doing this for 19 years! And every night they do taco salad. It’s pretty incredible. After we went thru the salad line and ate, it was time to put the mood lighting on and dance for our class bandanas. It was a pretty fun night even though it was cold. I almost don’t want to leave tomorrow!

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