Pacific Crest Trail

Day 32: mile 383.9 to mile 406.6 (Sulphur Springs Campground)

5.17.18. 22.7 miles.

Today was my longest trail day so far, and it felt pretty long!


I woke up at 5 and got hiking by 6. I woke up & got started before everyone else because I knew I was going to be hiking more & harder miles since I was going to be taking the official detour and the rest of them except for Angie we’re going to road walk all day. I tried to wake Angie “LOL” up but she was sound asleep.

The morning light was so pretty on the mountains. I’m glad I woke up early bc I like hiking earlier in the morning.

I got down to Islip saddle pretty quickly and found Alon “Sugar” camped there. He informed me there was trail there last night & he told the guy there would be more hikers coming but we stopped early.


The hike up to near Mt. Williamson was pretty steep but not as challenging as Baden-Powell. The views were spectacular though! The morning went by pretty quick and I met some other hikers who were fun to talk to. One of them, Merk, is also keeping up with Grey’s on the trail which I found hilarious bc he’s a guy. I did the road walk around the endangered frogs with a guy named Ecstatic, and he was great to talk with! So young, he made me feel old! He made the road walk zoom by though!

Once we got to the campground by the road I took a lunch break and tried to wait for LOL to arrive. I waited for a little over 2 hours but she never showed. I was hoping she just missed the turn off and would end up roadwalking to where the trail meets again instead of her having knee problems still.


I continued along the detour back to the PCT. The trail was a little annoying at first but it got better and the views were nice! It was a little blah though because there was a good bit of elevation gain that I didn’t really plan for. I got back to the highway and continued on the trail and my suspicions were confirmed: LOL managed to get in front of me by roadwalking to this part of the trail. I could see her shoe prints (which are distinct) in the dirt.


I quickly passed mile 400 which was totally cool! I felt like I was just passing 300. This is the fastest amount of time I’ve done 100 miles in. 7 days, including 1 zero day. My excitement quickly dissipated once I got to the next water source. There was a note written in the dirt for me & LOL from Helen “Dead Zone” and Kristie “Excel” to keep going 10 more miles to where they’re going to camp. I swore to hell and back bc I thought we originally planned on 6 miles past the water source and it was already 5 pm. And I knew LOL was somewhere in front of me and got the message but didn’t know how far she would go.


I spent the next 5 miles trying to calculate mileage and pace and also think about tomorrow’s mileage, etc. and just decided to stick to the original plan of mile 406.

Thank goodness I did because I saw LOL’s tent at the spot and I was soooo happy to see her! We both were laughing and cussing at the others for leaving the message - just because they barely hiked today doesn’t mean we didn’t! I am so glad we both ended up at the same spot and we’ll be able to hike together tomorrow. Also, her knee feels much better so I’m happy for that too!


I quickly set up my tent and hopped in to do my nightly routine before snuggling in my quilt and eating dinner. It feels so good to lay down, I did a lot of miles today!

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