Pacific Crest Trail

​Day 31: Wrightwood to Mt. Baden-Powell to mile 383.9 (Little Jimmy Campground)

5.16.18. 14.6 miles.


It’s pretty hard to believe I woke up in a bed this morning! Sometimes it’s so hard to leave the comforts of town, but I was pretty excited for the Baden-Powell summit. We were all ready and down on the road by 8, and tried getting a hitch back to the trailhead. We got one within a few minutes of watching cars drive by. Like always, I was slow to get going. It’s hard to start hiking again when your muscles have had rest, plus having to carry all the food out of town!


We had a few miles to cover before getting to the base of Baden-Powell, which went fine. The climb up Baden-Powell was intense though! I was envious of the day hikers carrying barely anything. The altitude was also getting to me. I also had to pee like 6 times in total today, so it was slightly annoying always feeling like I had to pee. After what seemed like hundreds of switchbacks and 2,850 ft in 4 miles, I finally made it to the top! The summit sits at 9,399 ft which is pretty cool, and the views were incredible! Even though the summit isn’t technically on the PCT, it’s so close and you have to tag it while you’re there. We were also officially on the highest point of the PCT so far! The base of the spur to the summit is at 9,248 ft which is higher than the PCT around San Jacinto!


After summiting we ate lunch and then continued on. The hiking was very pretty. So nice being in a woodsy area. It’s going to be hard to go back to the desert soon.


We had a meeting spot at a spring to get water, and unfortunately Angie was having some knee issues so I was sticking with her since I don’t mind hiking slow.

When we got to the spring everyone was talking about what they’re going to do for the Endangered Species frog detour. Seems like most people are just going to hike highway 2 from islip all the way until the PCT crosses it again so they can avoid elevation change on trail. I’ll be taking the official detour which only has a couple miles of the road walk and goes back to the PCT sooner. Idk why you’d want to hike on a windy highway like this one for longer than you have to and risk getting hit by a car instead of hiking the trail, but I guess this is why they say “hike your own hike”.


We were going to go further tonight but it was getting cold & Angie’s knee was hurting so we just went another 0.1 to a large campground with plenty of tent spots (and picnic tables & pit toilets!).

Tomorrow will be an early wake up for me because I’ll be splitting off from the majority and I like hiking in the early morning so much more. I just have more energy/ am faster in the morning.


Also, I’ve officially been on trail for a month! It’s so crazy. I know others can hike much further in a month, but I’m happy with my pace and the amount of zeros I’ve taken. I’m not trying to get to the Sierra before June anyways!

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