Pacific Crest Trail

Day 17: Idyllwild Double Zero

5.2.18. 0 miles.


We woke up today to snow falling in Idyllwild! We had been sort of on the fence last night about hiking out today, so when we saw that snow was falling in town at 5,000 ft we knew that it would be worse on the mountain and we decided it would be best to stay another day in town since it would be sunny and warmer tomorrow.


We got breakfast at the Red Kettle again, which was fabulous, and talked to a bunch of other hikers who also came in for breakfast. I got to reunite with Jim and Captain briefly and hear what they have been up to.


After a very long breakfast we walked around for a bit and visited a candy shop, then we went back to the grocery store to buy some snacks for the day, specifically some fresh fruit & veggies since we all have been craving that. I ran into Alicia from the Bay Area and it was so great to see her since she’s consistently been about 2 days ahead of me. We then went to the ATM and the DVD rental shop to get a movie for the day. We ended up renting Coco!


After our errands we went back to the cabin and did not leave. We played cards and watched FRIENDS on tv all afternoon, I took another shower, we played more cards, and a couple of the guys made dinner for us all, which was so nice! We ate dinner while watching Coco. It was such a great movie! I also got to talk to my grandparents & Pammy on the phone today which was really nice since I haven’t talked to them since before starting the trail!

We’re leaving tomorrow morning to go back on trail. We won’t be summiting San Jacinto because of the snow, so I’ll just have to come back and do it later. It’s not that big of a deal since it’s not on the PCT, but I’m still a tiny bit disappointed. I’m also sad that I’m leaving Idyllwild without meeting Mayor Max.

Today was a much less stressful zero day than yesterday, probably because I didn’t have to run so many errands and feel like I needed to get everything done in a short period of time while still relaxing. Today I felt relaxed, and I’m definitely ready to get back to hiking!