Pacific Crest Trail

Day 30: Wrightwood Zero

5.15.18. 0 miles.

Zero days sound great, but in reality they’re just full of stuff to do. I didn’t really sleep in today since I was woken up by my bladder and couldn’t fall back asleep. I finally slept for another hour but then everyone was up. We all got breakfast at the Evergreen Cafe which was amazing, and then started running errands: back to the hardware store, groceries, socializing with other hikers I run into, getting a free hot dog at the gas station (thanks!!!), doing some small sink laundry, organizing food, showering again, making some phone calls, getting the pack ready, charging devices, etc. etc. I did talk to my parents and I think they’ll be visiting me Memorial Day weekend, wherever I am then!


Eventually it was dinner time and we decided to get take out from places & reconvene in the room so we could watch last week’s Grey’s Anatomy & eat dinner. My burrito was MASSIVE. I’ve never seen such a large burrito in my life. It was really good too. I’m glad I’m hiking with people who don’t think it’s weird that I want to stay caught up on greys (bc they do too!).


And then it was time to get ready for bed & figure out plans for tomorrow! For some reason I feel less rested than after my zero in big bear. Hopefully I got enough down time though because we have some pretty big climbs coming up! But I am super excited for Baden-Powell, even though it’s going to be the steepest climb yet.

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