Pacific Crest Trail

​Day 27: mile 318 to mile 335.6

5.12.18. 17.6 miles.

My tent held up well last night: the wind definitely died down at some point or changed direction. I was sleeping really good last night, so good that I woke up to my alarm and I was drooling, so I was pretty dead. Since it was so cold and windy last night I didn’t filter water for today before bed so I needed to do that before fully packing up and hiking. I only needed about 2 L for the first part of the day. The trail was super easy this morning. Ridge walking and it was 50 degrees out. I ran into some trail runners when I was taking off my puffy and they were soooo friendly and cheered me on for the rest of my hike.

is this California? Never knew we had mesas!

is this California? Never knew we had mesas!


I stopped for a small break at a weird junkyard thing to eat a snack and put sunscreen on. I’ve been eating every hour in the morning- I get pretty hungry then.


There was only one climb for the morning and it was so glorious because right as I crested the final ridge, Silverwood Lake totally just opened right up and it was an amazing sight to see in the desert. The trail followed the crevices in the hills surrounding the lake so I had good views most of the day. Our lunch goal was Cleghorn picnic area because a local pizza place will deliver there, there are flush toilets, and potable water. Basically hiker heaven. I didn’t order pizza because I had way too much food to eat down to lower my pack weight, plus we’re going to McDonald’s tomorrow.


The picnic area was a great place to hang out. I felt super hiker trashy though bc I was in my wind pants & puffy and I literally found a place on the concrete in the sun to curl up and take a nap bc it was cold and I was tired. Hard ground doesn’t really matter anymore.


The afternoon had a decent climb back into the hills, but I was listening to the Marcus & Sandy podcast (my favorite morning hosts on my local radio station) and they kept me greatly entertained so I didn’t really notice the elevation.


Tomorrow we are getting McDonald’s and are so excited. We’re only camped 6.5 miles away, so we get to sleep in too! The climb to Wrightwood looks miserable, so we’re going to try to hitch to the top of the mountain and hike back down to cajon pass, then hitch back to Wrightwood for our zero.

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