Pacific Crest Trail

Day 25: mile 279.2 to mile 298.5

5.10.18. 19.3 miles

Not too much happened today! I feel like my posts may start to get a little boring because I really am just walking all day long.

Kristie and I got started at 6 am and had a really easy morning. We made it to a trail camp with a composting toilet, which was fun. I will do anything to not dig a cat hole to poop. We made it to our first water source around noon-ish and found a nice spot to siesta.


The terrain today was really interesting. We went from being in the woods to a mixture of woods-burn area-chaparral-desert.


The most exciting and terrifying thing that happened today was a rattlesnake that literally came slithering out of its home and just casually moved through our siesta/ lunch area. It was almost on Kristie’s ground sheet. We all freaked out. And then when we were getting ready to leave, it came back! It did not care about us. Didn’t rattle at all.

when hikers have service

when hikers have service

I was pretty meditative this morning while hiking, thinking about happiness, how privileged I am to be jobless and walking across America, thinking about coming up on places I was excited about: Deep Creek Hot Springs, McDonalds, Mt. Baden-Powell, Hiker Heaven, Casa de Luna. All places that seemed so far away to begin with are now looming near. I’m even going to be hitting 300 miles tomorrow, how crazy is that?!


We are camped nearby our first crossing of Deep Creek and it is quite beautiful here. There’s also a pit toilet at the day use area just 0.1 miles away so you can bet that I definitely had my evening poop there (yay for not digging cat holes today!). I’m excited for the hot springs, but praying that there won’t be too many day hikers there. And if there are, I’m hoping they’re cool bc I’ve heard some terrible things about the locals who come to the hot springs & play their loud music & litter.


I like being near the river. It’s nice to listen to frogs croaking as I fall asleep.

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