Pacific Crest Trail

Day 12: mile 115 to mile 131.5

4.27.18. 16.5 miles.


Wow today was pretty hard! We gained about 3,600 ft and lost 2,200 ft today. I would say today was the first really challenging climb. The climb out of scissors was decent but for some reason today was pretty brutal!

It was so beautiful though. We woke up again at 4:30 and started hiking by 5:20. I really like hiking early in the morning because it feels like all the hiking done before 7 am doesn’t count.


Nothing really exciting happened today. Just a lot of walking uphill. We did pass through a pretty cool boulder field and on our final descent into camp got our first glimpse of Mt. San Jacinto!


We rested in the middle of the day at Mike’s Place which is a man’s property literally in the middle of nowhere and he has a water tank that he lets hikers use. He also fires up the grill and makes food for people and lets them stay the night if they need it. It was nice to take a break in real chairs and not lay on the ground like we usually do. We got to talk to a bunch of hikers, even ones I haven’t met before which is always fun. We had a really good time resting there. I packed way too much food for this section so I didn’t eat anything off the grill, but others did and said it was great. I was also able to “camel up” there and drank about 2 L of water before refilling and heading out.


The 4ish more miles to camp seemed to take forever and we almost didn’t get a spot. Thank goodness Sydney left a little earlier and staked some ground for us. I’m always slower in the afternoon. Once we got to camp we all immediately set our tents up, got in, made dinner, changed and curled into our sleeping bags. It’s funny how when it’s “bedtime” we basically stop talking to each other bc we’re just too tired to carry on a conversation.