Pacific Crest Trail

​Day 9: mile 81.6 to mile 95.2

4.24.18. 13.6 miles.


Early wake up call! We got up at 4:30 to a just brightening sky and started hiking at 5:25. I only needed to use my headlamp for about 30 minutes before it was bright enough without it.


Today was another super hot day which is why we woke up so early. I hiked with Kristie and Florian again today, and they have been great hiking buddies! Kristie and I are essentially the same pace.


We busted out 10 miles to the 3rd gate water cache and got there a little after 10 am. It was nice to do the majority of our hiking early in the day when it was still cool. It was scorching hot at the cache though. We were desperate for shade. This water cache is a super amazing cache. Basically, a water cache is a human-made source of water in the form of gallon jugs that selfless, amazing trail angels will bring to the trail. As a hiker, we are not supposed to rely on these caches because we can’t assume trail angels will always have the resources to supply this water. The 3rd gate cache is one of the best maintained caches on the trail and is almost permanent. It’s definitely the most reliable out there, which is why we felt confident relying on this one in particular.


After filling up on water and eating lunch at the cache, we moved back to the trail and found a great huge shaded spot under a tree for our siesta. We basically just laid around resting from the time we got to the cache (10:15ish) until 4:30 when we hiked out. I was definitely getting restless by that time, but it’s so hot in the middle of the day that hiking seems irresponsible. Plus it’s good to rest the feet and body.


After our long break, we hiked 4 miles out to our campsite. It was a little small for all 3 of our tents, but we made it work! I tended to my new blister on the bottom of my toe pad and ate my cold-soaked ramen almost immediately after setting up and curled up in my quilt. I’m tired even though we rested so much! Hopefully I’ll be able to sleep well tonight even though it’s a little windy and my tent is pretty loud in the wind.


Tomorrow I will be hitting the 100 mile mark and Warner Springs, so I’m incredibly excited!

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