Pacific Crest Trail

​Day 8: Julian Nearo to mile 81.6

4.23.18. 4.3 miles.

Had a super chill beginning of the day in Julian. I decided last night to stay in town until late afternoon so I didn’t have to hike 3,000 ft of elevation in 90 degree weather. I still woke up super early though, at 5 am. I popped my earbuds in and watched the last episode of Scandal and then Grey’s Anatomy while everyone else who wanted an early start was getting ready.


I ate a super nutritious breakfast of leftover pizza and a root beer float from mom’s and then made my way back to Carmen’s. We sat around and talked to everyone, including the trail angel Ghost, and drank lots of water to replenish ourselves from the day before. Before long, Carmen came in and opened up the kitchen for only us hikers and made us whatever we wanted on the menu! So sweet of her. I got another cheeseburger - so good! I had plenty of time to digest it. We sat around for another couple of hours until about 3:30 when Ghost came by to bring hikers back to the trail! I got to give Carmen and her cute dog Trigger one last goodbye & thank you hug and then went back to the trail. The generosity of these people is truly amazing! Carmen trusting hikers to stay in the restaurant overnight and angels like Ghost who spend their time shuttling hikers back & forth from the trail to town - a 12 mile drive one-way!


We got hiking at 4:45. I mainly hiked alone but was about 1/4 mile behind Kristie. We had a big 1,000 ft gain in 4.5 miles which was moderately difficult. I was very happy to be hiking in the late afternoon when the sun was not so extreme. We stopped at 6:30 and found a nice campsite. I’m camped with Kristie and Florian, both are super nice people! We’ve decided we’re going to wake up pretty early tomorrow to finish the incline and get to the water cache before noon so we can take a huge break in the middle of the day. Might be hitting the 100 mile mark tomorrow, which is crazy!

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