Pacific Crest Trail

Day 7: mile 71.2 to Scissors Crossing to Julian Nearo

4.22.18. 6.1 miles.

The group decided to wake up pretty early today. I was going to sleep in, but nature was calling so I got up and got ready to leave with them. We started hiking at 6 am to hike the 6 miles to scissors crossing. It was already hot by 8 am. The miles were fine but I thought we were mostly descending and we did have some climbs left so it made it a little difficult. We got to the underpass at scissors crossing around 9 am and loaded up on some water and laid in the shade getting ready to try to hitch in to Julian.


My first hitch ever and I was a little nervous but I was with a large group of people. We got picked up in 5 minutes by a really nice woman and got in the back of her truck. The hitch was super fast and it was pretty funny to have the 4 of us crammed in the back.


Once we got to Julian we went straight to Mom’s Pies to get our free slice of pie for PCT hikers. It smelled sooo good in there and my slice of apple-boysenberry pie was amazing! After that we went over to Carmen’s to hang out in the shade. Carmen is amazing with her hospitality. She had a ton of business at the restaurant but still came out back and talked with us hikers at breaks. I was able to change into my rain gear and do my laundry, first real time on trail! After that was done I went to the store to resupply until Warner Springs. I’m still trying to get the hang of resupply. I’m not buying a lot and I’m not eating all of the food, so I’m trying to figure out how much I eat and what I actually like and how much I should be eating.


After that I FaceTimed with mom & dad for almost an hour. It was so good to see their faces & hear their voices! We’re already trying to plan a time for them to visit. Maybe Lake Isabella if I make it there? I kind of want them to visit earlier but it’s hard to plan when things are so up in the air right now. I’m definitely still taking it day by day out here. The furthest I can plan ahead is to the next town without getting too overwhelmed.

After FaceTiming I got linner (lunch/dinner) at Carmen’s cafe - a nice big burger with fries and a Fanta drink. Then we chilled out a little more and got situated for staying over at Carmen’s for the night and got a personal pizza for dinner/ breakfast. I’m happy I’m staying here because I am pushing a little harder than I anticipated so it’s nice to take another nearo even though I just took one a few days ago.

I’m still debating if I want to hike out tomorrow morning or wait until the late afternoon. Probably see what a few other people want to do. A little more rest couldn’t hurt, but I also don’t want to get sucked into the town vortex.

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