Pacific Crest Trail

​Day 4: mile 37.2 to Mt. Laguna Nearo


Today I woke up to strong winds. They weren’t too bad at first and it had been windy all night but my campsite seemed pretty well protected, so my tent wasn’t at risk of blowing over or anything. But as I was waking up and getting ready the wind really started blowing. I gathered all of my things together really poorly, pretty much just stuffed everything in my bag because I was cold and wanted to get out of there!


I had my rain jacket & wind pants over my hiking clothes and was fine temperature wise while hiking. I hiked 4.3 miles into the campground by Mt. Laguna and me and the girls huddled in a small, slightly heated bathroom to get oriented and go potty. I called the Lodge but the had a waitlist people wanting to stay there. I was 7th in line and chances of getting a room were slim.


After going to the bathroom, I walked into town to resupply, my first time ever doing this. I didn’t really know what to do or how much food to get so I just grabbed some stuff I knew cold soaked well and hopefully have enough food to get to Julian. The store was expensive. Like $0.75 for a pack of ramen, almost $3 for 1 Idahoan potato, same with knorr sides. I spoke with the owners and he said to try across the street at the Blue Jay Lodge for a room. They aren’t technically open but the owners were around fixing some stuff up, and I got a room with another girl! So thankful they were around even though it wasn’t cheap and I didn’t want to stay in a room this early on, but with the crazy winds projected to keep going all day and with the snow I was happy to be getting a heated cabin with a real bed & another shower opportunity (no soap, but water works fine!).


Emma & I talked for a bit about how we’re feeling: it’s really nice to hear that someone else is also kind of homesick and is sort of struggling out here too! We agreed that it’s not the trail or walking itself, it’s just a difficult adjustment and change of mindset and trying to figure out a good routine and making small milestones.

I’m laying in bed now figuring out the next few days. Looks like long water carries ahead. Pretty much nothing reliable in between mile 55 and 77, so I’ll probably be carrying at full capacity since I’ll probably be dry camping both nights unless the Rodriguez water tank gets refilled.

The arch of my right foot was also bothersome once I got into town. I rolled it out using the tennis ball I added to my pack. Otherwise, my body doesn’t really hurt from the push yesterday! I do think it’s good though that I’m not hiking too much today though. Give my feet some rest (besides walking around town on the pavement) and time to look at trail miles and the water report.


After resting all day we decided we would go to the Tavern for dinner. It was pretty good. I got a salad and Mac & cheese for dinner and drank tons of water. We also met some other hikers who started around our time and it was really fun meeting & talking to them at dinner! Town is nice because all the hikers just end up there so you get to meet lots of people. The walk back to the cabin was so cold though! We were happy we’d be sleeping inside tonight. The wind is still really blowing. Emma also got a trail name that may stick: Thumbellina bc she sliced her thumb with her knife and now has a big make-shift bandage on it.  


We’re not planning an early morning tomorrow, so hopefully I’ll finally be able to get some good sleep! 


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