Pacific Crest Trail

PCT Prep || Food

So I know I said previously that I haven't been doing a ton of food prep, and this is still true, but I have needed to prep some food. Specifically, for the first 42 miles from Campo to Mt. Laguna, and then for my only pre-trail prepared mail drop to Warner Springs to take me through Idyllwild.

I am also going stoveless, at least to start the trail. Many people have asked me what I'm going to eat if I don't have a stove, so I decided I'd put together a post about what I'm bringing (and what is in my food bag RIGHT NOW) for the first 42 miles.


Backpacking Food for ~3.5 days

Bars: 5 (Rx bar, CLIF bar, Larabar)

Honey Stinger: 4

Gu Gel: 3

BelVita Crackers: 3

Small Flour Tortillas: 3

Homemade Oatmeal blend: 2

Fruit Leather: 2

Tuna pack w/ olive oil: 2

Homemade Rice & Beans dinner: 2

Caffeine Snack: 1

KIND Breakfast Protein Crackers: 1

CHOMP Stick: 1

Idahoan Potato pack: 1

Couscous w/ Olive oil: 1

Chia Squeeze pouch: 1

To snack on throughout the days: 1 bag of Swedish fish/ jelly beans, 1 bag of dried mango from TJs, and NUUN hydration vitamin tablets.

A typical day? (Not all of those candies... ;) )

A typical day? (Not all of those candies... ;) )

Food to be cold soaked: Oatmeal blend (breakfast), Rice & Beans dinners, Idahoan potatoes, couscous.


I'm not too sure if this is a good amount of food or not. Laying it all out, it seems like I eat less than this when I've been backpacking before, but I've also been sort of hungry a lot recently. I will also be eating a breakfast or lunch at the Lake Morena store on day 2, and my breakfast on day 1 will be from Starbucks, and lunch will either also be from Starbucks or leftovers from whatever restaurant we ate at the night before. I do feel like I packed too much food for this stretch, but I'm not too worried about it. Also, this all weighs 4 lbs.