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Thermarest Z Lite Sol Sleeping Pad

Durable, ultralight, 3 season sleeping pad. 

Name: Thermarest Z Lite Sol Sleeping Pad


  • Weight: 10/ 14 oz (S/R)

  • Length: 51/ 72 inches long

  • Thickness: 0.75 inch

  • R-value: 2.6

  • Shape: Rectangular

  • Type: Closed-cell foam

  • MSRP: $35-45

What I Like:

  • Weight: This is a super lightweight pad and has a superb warmth-to-weight ratio. You probably won't find anything warmer and lighter on the market (besides the NeoAir XLite).

  • Cost: If you're on a budget, this is the pad for you. Lightweight, warm, and decently comfortable make this pad a great choice.

  • Shape: The rectangular size of this pad is great for people who move around a bit in their sleep.

  • Durability: This is one of the most durable sleeping pads out there. Air-free means no punctures that ruin the sleeping pad, so you have less to worry about when you're beating this pad up.

  • Versatility: Sleeping pad? Yes. Butt pad? Yes. Ground chair? Yes. This pad is great because you can whip it out mid-day while hiking and simply unfold it and use it to protect yourself from the dirty ground, and make it a little more comfortable to lounge around during lunch break. It's also handy to have if you're into winter camping: bring this along with another pad (like the NeoAir XLite) and you increase your R-value!

What I Don't Like:

  • Packability: While this pad is ultralight, it is very bulky. This of course, isn't an issue if you just carry your pad on sleeping pad straps that come on your pack, strap it to your pack with a shock cord, or if you have a roll top bag, slip it under the compression strap.

  • Comfort: Some people can deal with a sleeping pad that is less than an inch thick, some people can't. I definitely think this is less comfortable than an air mattress pad, but in some instances (desert hiking, perhaps) I would carry this pad over an inflatable one.

  • Durability: This pad is very durable. But, after many, many nights of sleeping on it, the pad will eventually compress and lose even more thickness and warmth.

Overall, this is a great, versatile sleeping pad. I think it is always worth having while car camping (so many uses), and would choose this pad over others if I was frequently sleeping outside of a tent or in the desert, due to its durability. P.s. the silver side goes up!